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Sometimes I just see a mention of OpenStreetMap, and then just spend hours or so diving into the rabbit hole checking what happened since i looked it up, checking how the maps are around places i know (reasonably well), thinking about how i should contribute at some point, come dangerously close to setting up an account

and I just don't, for some reason. maybe it's the "getting out the house" bit, or maybe it's just because i never tried mapping

i cannot think about any "proper" reasons why not, but i still can't get myself to do anything but F5 the same sites over and over (this applies to more than just OSM)

ouch! My preferred e-mail client apparently just doesn't want to work with the specific mail hosting I have.

Opened a ticket w/ them because I originally thought this was a spam filter or some other issue as the error I got back was very vague (and also in German)

Nope, after troubleshooting some more (which I really should've done beforehand), turns out the error only happens with the exact client I have. (Doesn't seem to be a configuration issue, tried with a fresh configuration. Could be something deeper in my system but eeh)

At least it can still *receive* the mails so I can keep using it as a mail notifier but it would be nice if it just worked, y know

y know what's fun?

weechat discord plugin just freezing the entire program because sening a message takes longer than usual

i kinda forgot what i could write halfway though so i just decided to put it up with a note essentially saying "remind me what i missed pls"

also now i have to remove some statuses by hand because my mastodon-notifier is posting followers-only messages and they don't show up in the admin panel to bulk-delete aaaah

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I got bored, *again*

So I made a guide on how to Mastodon.

I have no idea how newcomer friendly it is becuase I wrote it and I've been on here for some time now, but yeah here it is share it if you want idk it's cc by-sa

"Video playback aborted because of a network error" says Firefox, while the video continues playing fine and dandy behind the overlay you can't do anything about :)

Dear security/privacy community:

Not everyone needs the most hardened stuff.

Just saw someone replying to someone asking abt LineageOS, saying "lineage is terrible use graphene".

Will you buy them a Pixel phone? Do you even know their threat model? If not, shut up. Let them know about it, sure. But calling a project "terrible" because it doesn't align with your specific goals? Not cool.

Perfection is the enemy of good. That entire community seems to have forgotten this.

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Imagine a world where the people who build the highest skyscraper get to dictate what is true. Of course this means it’s never complete and we must find the cheapest labour and materials, externalities be damned. Congratulations, you just understood blockchain and proof of work.

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Look what my Windows VM is saying.

How much extra would I need to enhance my security, considering you're in a VM with no passwords or any other important stuff, that can be destroyed and re-installed without worrying about anything except some files that would take a LONG time to download, but are ultimately reproducible.

joking aside, node-red is pretty neat and i haven't using it's "bodging" potential as much as I could.

node-red plus some sort of lightweight/daemonless container system (or some other reproducible work environment, also you provide the glue) can do a lot you otherwise might need a bunch of other "crap" to do.

Also web interface in case you're worried you'll forget how you set everything up after they just werk

For the unaware:

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going to use node-red as a makeshift ""CI"" system just watch me

I just got the impulse to make one of those "free software alternatives" lists but considering I don't really have anything extra to add IDK why I would make it :/

the worst part is that pihole is one of the services that take over the entire system.

their script installs a web server + php and "magically" configures it to work properly.

it doesn't use any distro packages, just use root to dump files to /usr, /etc and /opt.

uninstallation? cleanup? what do they mean?

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pihole i thought you were cool. guess not!

either you curl a big 2837 line shell script to bash, or you use docker.

the script _seems_ to have an "unattended" mode, but it's undocumented and still requires the almost 3000 line script.

how hard would it be to just write how to install manually, and let people create the installer scripts and whatnot

So... How's everything going? Currently downloading a 400+MB file at 9.14kB/s so I got plenty of free time

Maybe its just me but damn it feels bad just saying "thanks but this really isnt for me"

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My sister saw a sushi place while we were running around and insisted we get some, and now we all found out we don't really like sushi :blobshrug:

I don't _really_ care about the account, really I don't. It's just that the list I used as a way to follow people that I care about. The rest of Nitter works w/o an account.

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unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.