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Around a year ago or so I had another idea relating to ActivityPub but thinking back in retrospect it wasn't that good and any reasonable instance would defederate with it immediately because of the abuse potential.

The only reason I didn't try it out was because AP was complicated, so being complicated could be helpful if you think like that i guess :blobshrug:

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I have an idea for do something ActivityPub but the spec is (or at least: looks) so complicated and large that I don't really have any motivation to do anything other than thinking more.

And it's not something "original" at all so that's one more item on the "why bother" column.

y can't things be simple

Good things about interpreted (read: not AOT-compiled) languages:

- testing modifications are easier
- assuming the interpreter is installed it'll most likely work (actually probably not because most interesting things require compiled dependencies)
- you have to do work to close down your source code, sources available by default

bad things about them:

- performance
- everything else

I wish I was proficient at a single programming language rather than being mediocre at multiple ones so I could just have a "go-to" pick for any new project, rather than bikeshedding on which one I should use, then losing interest on the project after choosing one


hm, I guess Sway cannot render them either.

Qt stuff and Alacritty render them though. Weird

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so, after some troubleshooting, emoji in my system works on everything, EXCEPT gtk-based stuff (incl. Firefox)

I have no idea how to fix this, and apparently internet search has became so awful I have no idea what I should search to find even the slightest hint of a solution that is not "oops i forgot to install the font"

Every single time I try to touch any Gentoo ebuilds, I start hating Portage more and more, and it's not related to any of the complex parts like USE flags and whatnot.

Creating the most basic package requires scouring through eclasses to find one and trying to figure out how you'd actually make it work by checking other packages that use it (because the documentation is AWFUL)

I tried to package a single Go program which doesn't need anything more than a simple "go build", and I just had to give up and install it manually because Portage does not want to cooperate at all.

I wonder how many digits of precision do you actually need for fontconfig's DPI configuration.

My monitor's spec sheet tells me it's 102 DPI, but measuring the screen and punching in the dimensions in a calculator tells me it's 102.46 DPI.

My fonts don't look bad at all. I'm just wondering since the DPI setting in fontconfig says it's a double...

I accidentally pressed the edit button instead of the "raw" button on a file on GitHub a couple hours ago and I just see GitHub went and forked the entire repo without any "are you sure"s.


I just updated my site to just be a mirror for a subset of my Gemini posts, with a fancy stylesheet added on top.

An average page is 20 KB.

1KB of CSS, 11KB is the favicon (which I assume won't be fetched if you configure your browser not to), and the rest is all content.

Everything is static and should get cached pretty nicely.

No minification, though if my Nginx config is correct everything should be gzip'd anyway.

(oh, also not a single line of JS)

On the list of extensions I currently have installed, all of these don't (look like they) need the power of extensions and can safely be userscripts:

- BlockTube
- enhanced-h264ify
- Lovely forks
- Notifications Preview for GitHub
- Reddit on Youtube
- SponsorBlock

These are just the site-specific ones. I'm pretty sure many of the "global" extensions can fit into userscripts if someone tried.

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We should have more userscripts/userstyles, and less browser extensions.

Most of the time, extensions are black boxes you just install and forget about, and are a pain to modify or learn from.

Userscripts have their sources open pretty much by design and you can read, modify and use them just by refreshing any tabs it effects.

(Userstyles can be applied without even refreshing any tabs)

Extensions chain you to the specific browsers they support, while you only need a single userscript injector on your browser to use most userscripts. (Excluding ones that depend on specific extensions)

Are browser extensions more powerful than userscripts? Yes. But that doesn't mean every single JS snippet needs to be its own extension. We should try and make userscript development better instead of just caving in and switching to a browser extension.

Just realizing some of my music didn't download properly. A couple tracks here and there suddenly cut out in the middle and suddenly I find a different track playing, and because I use a crappy shell script to do shuffle it maxes out the volume and pops up the mpv window in my current workspace

I really should get a proper music setup and re-download the broken files.

Going through and archiving my GitHub repositories to delete them off there (because it's something to keep me busy) and slowly realizing maybe I haven't done anything interesting in the last... 4? 5? years.

This isn't how I expected this to be

my timeline is too serious, i need more fun people to follow

damn this guy is persistent

after months of just silently deleting the spam they keep sending the same thing

who knew using the proper screwdriver could save you hours of pain.

i should stop hiding more tools randomly around the house and put them into a single place so i don't harm any more screws :p

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unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.