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The 'colors.webpage.darkmode.enabled' setting doesn't support URL patterns? That's, like, the most useful setting to support that!

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well, i say included, but it's just an extra python script added to the repo by someone else. it's not really the browser's fault

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The included Bitwarden integration script is really wonky, I had to manually remove it's token from keyctl (that's a thing?) because I sync'd the database from the CLI and the old token was no longer recognized.

Hopefully, after I finish logging into everything, this won't be a noticeable issue.

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It's going to take a while to get used to not having any "cosmetic" ad blocker, especially in today's web.

I guess I could just "display: none" everything. We'll see...

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I wonder what "normal" people do after installing a new program...

I just installed Qutebrowser, and the first thing I did was to open it's GitHub repo, click on "Pull Requests" and just download every interesting one as a patch to apply into my build.

It's been around an hour or so, and I think I'm just now finished after weeding out all the ones causing merge conflicts.

plus: I have a 2 GB swapfile on this server. Doesn't help!

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Isn't it fun how I have to stop _literally everything_ running on my server just to run webpack for Mastodon changes because transpiling JS eats memory like nobody's business?

What if the tools that process this JS _weren't_ built _in_ JS? That could probably help with some of that.

Woo! My Mastodon instance supports linking to Gemini automatically!

gemini:// (test, might not work on your instance)

Here's my patch if anyone wants to pull it themselves:

Should I've put an options menu or something and not hardcode the token? Yes, but this is supposed to be a one-user extension and going to all that effort seems too much :/

(also i guess i haven't increased my max. characters length properly as the toot button stops working if the toot is too long, need to check that out later)

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I just made a private firefox addon to automate a very specific thing that only I have access to.

To actually install it, I had to get it signed by Mozilla, which includes uploading the sources (as all addons are zips of js files), which also include my auth token for the specific service inside it.

Man I just _hope_ Mozilla doesn't mess with that token.

Just modded a Google Camera APK to work without GSF (Or in my case, microG).

Smali definitely is easier to understand than it looks.

Also wrote a quick text file on how to do so, so maybe I'll put that up on XDA or wherever.

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Well, a _new_ monitor that is, the old one gave up the ghost near the start of the year (i think).


It fell down too much

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Finally got around to moving after some unfortunate stuff. Damn my new room is _big_

Maybe I can finally fit another monitor on my desk without resorting to just _hope_ that it won't fall down

Apparently forcing it to use even MORE memory solved the problem?

Why couldn't it just _use_ said memory?

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And as I was writing that, it crashed out with another error...

> The reported error is an error that occurs when trying to use a source map when reporting another error.


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The language of the future!

(apparently it wasn't even _trying_ to use all 1GB it could see, had to force it with some environment variable hackery)

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Apparently shutting down Mastodon, Gitea and Miniflux wasn't enough free RAM to transpile some Javascript...

1 GB of RAM (+2GB swap) should REALLY be enough for minifying some files, COME ON!

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unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.