finally got around to making a static site generator that doesn't suck *cough*hugo*cough*

now the only problem is the content. i could migrate over my posts from my blog, but i don't really care about them anymore.

(obviously i'll archive them somewhere)

i have a blog that's relatively more active on gemini, and i might just make my old blog a http interface for it with a fancy-but-not-too-much stylesheet.

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Every time a project mentions blockchain, you can disregard everything else they say because you know it's being said with ulterior motives

So, I assume this is not a good sound to come out from a laptop

@Sandra I try to, but I feel guilty about not "doing stuff".

Anyway... I probably shouldn't bother people with all this :p

Yeah, no wonder why the fan was making sounds.

At least it wasnt the HDD!

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i think i am slowly burning out lately.

i had various things (that are relatively easy compared to some stuff i attempted to do even just a couple months ago) on my to do list for a week or so at this point

the only thing i updated relatively frequently (gemini:// started staying still for longer and longer

and whenever i actually decided to start working on something, i just look at an empty file for five minutes before stopping and putting it back onto my to do list.

just a day ago my laptop started making a weird noise (, and it's still sitting on a table waiting to be figured out. it hosts some things i'd like to be up and running, but i just cannot get myself to figure it out.

The interesting thing about doing notifications using mastodon is that it allows for stuff like replying to them to take notes about them, or boosting a notification in case I feel like making it public.

Would there be any proper uses for those? No idea, I just thought about that 2 minutes ago.

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Having a single user masto instance is cool and all but I feel like I am not taking advantage of it enough.

I mean, what *do* people do with single user instances?

I upped my character limit after finding myself doing reply threads, but that's the only noticeable change between a standard masto instance. (Aside from the custom theme, which is mostly "because I could", and allowing linking on Gemini URLs, which I don't think I use all that much anyway)

I had an idea about creating private bots for notifications on RSS feeds or other stuff, maybe I should try that out sometime.

my laptop started making a weird noise just now. shut it down and restarted to see if would happen again, and it's all fine.

now i am just _slightly_ worried if it's going to die :p

the noise sounded like a grinding of sorts, so maybe a fan got stuck, or the drive's slowly dying

I've been in my terminal for so long I just typed "ls" into my URL bar.

I should get up once in a while

it goes away after scrolling halfway through, but /come on/

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mozilla why?

i mean, i'm fine with the extension and the research, but that site is just


why, _you_ of all groups, decided "hey, we should use scrolljacking it'll be a wacky effect"

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The fun think about ipv6 is that because it's hexadecimal you can use a-f and any numbers that look like letters to embed text into the address directly

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woah! i just added ipv6 adresses to my wireguard setup just out of curiosity and i have ipv6 connection somehow what?

is this it? did i finally join the secret club of ipv6 users?

I think my Gentoo install is starting to fall over again.

I was excluding a package for about a week or so because it didn't build properly, and now for some dumb reason qtnetwork's libressl USE flag is forcibly masked, and anything I try just doesn't work.

If this was my laptop I'd be off downloading an ISO of another distro because it took my interest some time ago, but this is my main computer and re-installing this is pretty painful.

(The pain isn't the configuration, that's easy. It's all the games and the AOSP source (which is ~50 GB) i have lying around. I absolutely dread re-downloading them all again, and just "selectively" cleaning my home folder instead of formatting and starting from scratch just makes me go "i might need _this_, too" and delete barely anything)

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I’m growing pretty tired of the “your use case is unusual, so fuck you” argument.

-- sildur @ HN

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unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.