Uhh, Firefox? Isn't this what the resistFingerprinting setting was supposed to fix?

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(image uncaptioned, sorry!)

think i'm getting the hang of this, i might do more with this later on

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that looks a little better

(who's trying to access my old pleroma server? it's been months since it died)

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not a pretty initial look but at least they still have "oss" versions

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Worked on this animation for 3-4 hours and I'm just realizing how out of place it looks considering the rest of the graphics

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got bored, decided to work on something new to abandon

(you know it's not serious when doing animations were the initial 2-3 hours instead of, like, mechanics)

Look what my Windows VM is saying.

How much extra would I need to enhance my security, considering you're in a VM with no passwords or any other important stuff, that can be destroyed and re-installed without worrying about anything except some files that would take a LONG time to download, but are ultimately reproducible.

Woo! My throwaway birdsite account seems to be suspended, probably because I used Nitter and a "list" to view the site and they probably couldn't get more ads in my face!

I have no idea why I recorded this but whatever here's the last seconds of my old server.

also just noticed this when lowering my domains' TTL in preparation of the move

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damn this guy is persistent

after months of just silently deleting the spam they keep sending the same thing

So, I assume this is not a good sound to come out from a laptop

Yeah, no wonder why the fan was making sounds.

At least it wasnt the HDD!

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woah! i just added ipv6 adresses to my wireguard setup just out of curiosity and i have ipv6 connection somehow what?

is this it? did i finally join the secret club of ipv6 users?

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unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.