So, I assume this is not a good sound to come out from a laptop

Yeah, no wonder why the fan was making sounds.

At least it wasnt the HDD!

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woah! i just added ipv6 adresses to my wireguard setup just out of curiosity and i have ipv6 connection somehow what?

is this it? did i finally join the secret club of ipv6 users?

The language of the future!

(apparently it wasn't even _trying_ to use all 1GB it could see, had to force it with some environment variable hackery)

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The way I check when my internet connection comes back from my hacky connection is to wait for my IRC client to scream at me.

Most of the time when I get the notification of this, it very well summarizes my mood.

unnecessary posts 2: the electric toot-aloo

Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.