Installed the actual Google Play Store on a secondary phone I had to get past some license checks, and apparently Google "forgot" I bought the apps I needed.

They are still there on my purchase history, yet if I click on them I get told to buy them again(?)

100% quality drm would spend money again


I paid once (they aren't subscriptions) so I don't feel ashamed to "pirate" them at all, and even if I didn't the app developers are actual people I trust and wouldn't mind paying, but "because Google" I cannot use them legitimately.

(Bonus: Aurora Store can still download the apps through my own account, so it's the official Play Store's fault!)

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Now it's the time to play the fun and exciting game of "find the clean Lucky Patcher in the sea of malware"

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Wait, I might've gotten Play Store working again. I have no idea how, but I think I did.

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