I can't believe this stupid idea what I spent >3 hours on actually somewhat works for this one specific use case.

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If anyone's curious, here's what's going on:

- I want to extract some data from a compiled/proprietary Android app, and the data is not on an external file, seems to be compiled w/ the code.

My solution?

- Decompile the Android app into Java
- Find the specific method that "builds" the data.
- Clean up the decompilation artifacts and paste the method into an empty class
- Set up stubs for the less important parts
- Add print statements to serialize the data to something processable
- Compile and run the code to get a clean representation of the data

Even though the app is proprietary, the dev is really active and I am pretty sure they could just give the data set to me if I asked (I know, because they did a year or two ago, this is also my sanity check to make sure nothing is broken). I just don't want to because it updates somewhat frequently and I really don't want to bother them with "update this thing only I really care about plz"

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