So, I wanted to make a quick Python script to process some text and extract some stuff from it, and while trying to set up the Python language server for autocomplete and such, I came across this:

Yep, MPLS is getting abandoned and some proprietary crap that's probably VSCode exclusive will eventually replace it.

The only problem is that all the other Python language servers are trash, and just this alone is making me consider finding another language for quick scripting.

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@admi if you're open to an alternative take, I can say that Python is one of the languages that was designed to work without heavy reliance on IDE support and is very much suitable to be used in any simple text editor you can find. Especially if you're not looking into wrapping everything in layers of objects and typing. Python is at its best when it's lean.


While I do agree that Python does work fine on it's own, I rely on autocomplete suggestions as "quick documentation", where (for example) I can just do "<TAB>" and check "Was it startsWith, starts_with or startswith?". (This applies to most languages I use, not just Python)

I am aware of documentation readers like Dash/Zeal (for this specific use case) but autocomplete suggestions are a part of the editor and don't "distract" me as much as switching over to the documentation to search for something.

@admi agreed overall. What I meant, in part, by Python being designed for non-IDE use was that there's not a lot of such things, and they tend to end up in fast memory with regular use (by the way `startswith` has a little-known ability to test against several different prefixes passed as a tuple).

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Personal server. Totally overkill but ok.