Trying to help my sister with technology is slowly making me lose hope, either in tech, or in humanity.

No, for the tenth time: You cannot¹ play your knockoff ad-ridden Android games on a computer. And even if you could, your laptop with 2GB of ram that barely runs the OS itself without freezing wouldn't be able to run it without making you vomit. Just trust me on that one.

No, you don't need to "download" YouTube.

No, you cannot play on <Minecraft server> without buying Minecraft². And what happened to the TWO copies of it I bought you on Android?

What do you mean you forgot your password? This is your fifth? sixth? Google account!

No, I don't know your password.

No, I don't know why the reset email is coming though.


No, <shady VPN/antivirus/cleaner> is not doing anything good just remove it.

¹: Yeah, emulation is a thing, but _trust me_ you don't want to play those games at all to begin with.

²: I do not trust her with my own account, considering the current price of it over here.

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One time, she spent ~400 TRY (~50 USD) on a "7 day trial" for a complete scam "face beautifier" because Google "helpfully" had a "pay via phone" button and she thought it was free?

Once I was trying to talk to her about how ads (especially the crap phone app ads) don't tell the truth about what you're getting and I am pretty sure she forgot what I said 5 seconds later because that was ages ago and her phone is still a mess of shady bloatware. (Must've learned it from her mom, she does the exact same thing)

"Mainstream" technology has become so "dumbed down" that if something is ever so slightly inconvenient to find most people (I know of) just give up and ask someone else (generally me), instead of trying to figure it out themselves, and honestly I am getting tired.

If they actually looked at and understood what I was doing I would be happy to teach them, but all they say is "I have a problem. fix it", or "I want to do XYZ, do it".

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