Experienced Linux server people:

Are there any "declarative" ways to configure a *single* server?

I essentially want Nix without the weird syntax, no containers, and no "scaling hype"

I'm also hoping this alternative is either a full distro (like NixOS) or integrates with distro package managers so there isn't any library or configuration duplication.

I am somewhat sure what I'm looking for isn't a thing, but I'm hopeful...

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@admi Not experienced linux server person, but maybe GuixSD?

It's so free of hype it supports with GNU Hurd 😜

But seriously, it's the same idea as NixOS, but with Scheme as the config language.

@cadadr I am aware of Guix and it's definitely on my list of things to check out. IIRC it even uses the same daemon as Nix.

Now I just need to learn how to even read a Lisp.

@admi The kinda lisp you use for the declarative configs are pretty easy IMO--tho I've been using Elisp every day since years, so, the mandatory grain of salt there.

Where it actually gets complicated is when you're declaring your packages, but again, it's all declarative.

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