I wonder what "normal" people do after installing a new program...

I just installed Qutebrowser, and the first thing I did was to open it's GitHub repo, click on "Pull Requests" and just download every interesting one as a patch to apply into my build.

It's been around an hour or so, and I think I'm just now finished after weeding out all the ones causing merge conflicts.

It's going to take a while to get used to not having any "cosmetic" ad blocker, especially in today's web.

I guess I could just "display: none" everything. We'll see...

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The included Bitwarden integration script is really wonky, I had to manually remove it's token from keyctl (that's a thing?) because I sync'd the database from the CLI and the old token was no longer recognized.

Hopefully, after I finish logging into everything, this won't be a noticeable issue.

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well, i say included, but it's just an extra python script added to the repo by someone else. it's not really the browser's fault

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The 'colors.webpage.darkmode.enabled' setting doesn't support URL patterns? That's, like, the most useful setting to support that!

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Oh god reddit without cosmetic ad filtering is horrifying

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The scrolling speed seems slow compared to the about:config settings I had for my Firefox. Not sure if there's anywhere to tweak that. I should take a look at this tomorrow

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Also doesn't seem to support autoscroll (middle click scrolling).

I should look for that as well

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