this is the mindset that keeps me up until the clock ticks 10 am, with the sun shining brightly and 99% of my brain powered off

but the hacky bash script will work (until it breaks from an edge case that's blindingly obvious but not to that state of my mind which is why this ain't a good idea)

i've written down what i want to do with (hopefully) enough information to figure out _how_ later on, but doubt the motivation is gonna return tomorrow so /shrug

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i want to go to sleep but i have something "quick and easy" (read: not any of those) to do in my mind but it's ALMOST 6AM??? but it'll be quick but it's late my eyes are barely open but i have (some of) the motivation to do it but the clock's ticking towards 6AM the sun's about to rise soon i am still writing this AAh

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The thing about the PS3 is that you need a FAT32 filesystem with a specific block size (?) which isn't/wasn't default on the Linux FAT32 tooling so to save myself the small amount of time of trying to figure how to do it properly I just don't reformat after confirming the USB stick works.

But _one__ is plenty for my uses

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Going through some USB sticks I have lying around and apparently I have two PS3-specific sticks? I thought one was for something completely different.

Whoops! Apparently resizing to the minimum size possible means there won't be any available space left. (Who whould've thought?)

Good thing I was about to move few tens of GBs around, but man the system slowed down to a crawl while doing so. (And the slow drive doesn't help)

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So, I just had to shrink an ext4 partition to do something and the Ubuntu live usb I had on hand took WAY too long to boot so I had to use a command line to do so.

Let's just say it was an _adventure_. I had to resize both the filesystem and the partition separately, which would've been good to know a little earlier. Resizing the partition itself involves deleting it and re-creating, which is FUN because resize2fs gives you bytes yet fdisk expects sector sizes.

I made the partition ~1-2 KBs larger to make sure it would work, but now fsck complained, so I had to resize the filesystem _again_, just so it also occupied the blank 1-2 KBs allocated to it.

Let's hope I didn't corrupt anything on the way.

The rest of the test isn't that interesting because half of the values are "no javascript", but come on!

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Uhh, Firefox? Isn't this what the resistFingerprinting setting was supposed to fix?

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No matter how much I want to like using uBlock's advanced mode, I just had to come back to uMatrix.

It's just _better_ at doing what I want it to do!

It's unmaintained, but it still works, and I'll probably keep using it until it doesn't anymore. (and by then I seriously hope an alternative pops up)

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Very cool -- is a new privacy-friendly Reddit frontend, similar to Invidious / YouTube, Bibliogram / Instagram, and Nitter / Twitter.

Source code:

- No JavaScript or ads
- All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
- Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
- Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)


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What if web pages had to pay me every time theirJavascript ran on my computer and put my CPU to 100%

I think that would be fair

If I hadn't seen the popularity it has myself I totally would believe if someone told me pyLoad was something a developer made and "uploaded" on GitHub with a single commit for 5 years.

It's just the worst piece of selfhosted software I probably have seen.

- Stable version is STILL Python2 (so the following are all from the development (?) version)

- Documentation little to nonexistent, the existing pages are very old and clearly disregarded

- Runs Flask on development mode by default (also no documentation i could find on how not to)

- Barely works (KeyErrors on the configuration edited only through the "proper" interface)

And the kicker? As far as I'm aware it's the only download manager with a web interface that does more than, like, torrents and direct HTTP.

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me: 35 years of experience in a wide variety of computer user interfaces

also me: completely unable, during a video call, to tell if this means my mic is currently unmuted or not

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Sad realisation: exact internet searches are no longer a thing.

Even when you use advanced search options (which are often sneakily hidden and are slowly going the way of the dodo), queries seem to be stemmed and levenshteined and synonym-matched regardless.

Programming to "scratch my own itch" (and why I feel like it's a double-edged sword)



Just fixed my HTML generator to handle a few edge cases this post exposed, so that's why I didn't post it when it went up on Gemini yesterday.

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